We help people with Employment Tribunal cases




The Law at Work is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise in Central Scotland. We care about people and are more interested in them and their cases or the challenges they face at work than making a profit. Our primary purpose is to offer free practical advice and to promote good relations at work by providing employment law guidance and support. However, there will be a fee if representation is necessary at the Employment Tribunal and other venues such as NMC and SSSC regulatory hearings.


Tribunal know-how


We work with people as a team and spend time with them to understand the exact nature of the challenges they face. We share information with the people we advise so that they are better prepared to meet those challenges. We do this because we appreciate that getting to grips with how employment law works can be like taking a step in the dark. We want those we advise to be well informed and know what their options are so that they can make good choices.

Thanks so much for all your hard work and simply listening to me. If only my employer had done the same!

Aleta Graham.

Client journey

A step-by-step guide about Acas and Employment Tribunal procedures with information about the processes involved in making a claim to the Employment Tribunal and what to expect.

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Vulnerable people

Our written commitment to anyone who may be vulnerable who needs assistance. This may be in relation to a person’s age, disability, lack of language skills, if they are in a particularly stressful situation or for any other reason which may impair a person’s judgment, or where they may be vulnerable to influence or exploitation.

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