Problems at work?

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Aleta Graham

Thanks so much for all your hard work and simply listening to me. If only my employer had done the same!

Ricky Pearson

Just before the hearing we were threatened with costs if we lost. Gavin told me not to worry. He was right because we won!

Satinder Kaur

I would highly recommend Gavin, he is brilliant and there for justice! I can't thank him enough for his help with my case. 

The Law at Work is a Social Enterprise operated by Gavin Booth on a not-for-profit basis, whose primary purpose is to promote good relations at work by providing employment rights advice, support and representation in the interests of justice and a fair and inclusive society.


Understanding what your rights at work are and getting to grips with how employment law works can be like taking a step in the dark. If you are facing a challenge at work, you want to get it right because this could mean the difference between success or disappointment. Being well-informed about what your rights are and following best practice can help you to make the right decisions and assist in resolving any concerns successfully. If this sounds familiar, then the purpose of this website is to help you to do exactly that.

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Information about the processes involved in making a claim to the Employment Tribunal, what to expect and the steps along the way.


A written commitment to anyone who may be a vulnerable person who needs assistance.

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Recommendations and comments from previous clients who I have represented.


Previous cases reported in various national and local newspapers in Scotland.

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