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ACAS: The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service. An independent body offering conciliation services to parties involved in an employment disputes.

BERR: Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform created on 28th June 2007, when it replaced the Department of Trade and Industry DTI superseded on 6th June 2009 by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills BIS.

BIS: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills created on 6th June 2009 to supersede the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.

CAC: Central Arbitration Committee.

CBI: Confederation of British Industry.

CIPD: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

CO: Certification Officer.

COET: Central Office of Employment Tribunals.

COIT: Central Office of the Industrial Tribunals which ceased to exist in 1998.

CRE: Former Commission for Racial Equality.

CSA: Child Support Agency.

DBS: Disclosure and Barring Service.

DCA: Department for Constitutional Affairs now MoJ.

DCSF: Department for Children, Schools and Families now DfE.

DfE: Department of Education formerly, until 12th May 2010, the Department for Education and Employment DfEE.

DfEE: Department of Education and Employment now DfE.

DfES: Department for Education and Skills now DfE.

DHSS: Department of Health and Social Security now DWP.

DIUS: Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills now BIS.

DRC: Former Disability Rights Commission.

DSS: Department of Social Security now DWP.

DTI: Department of Trade and Industry now BIS.

DWP: Department of Work and Pensions.

EC: European Community now EU.

EHRC: Equality and Human Rights Commission established in October 2007 to supersede and build upon the work of the Equal Opportunities Commission, Commission for Racial Equality and Disability Rights Commission.

EOC: Equal Opportunities Commission now superseded by EHRC.

ETS: Employment Tribunal Service.

EU: European Union.

FCO: Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

HMG: Her Majesty's Government.

HMRC: Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.

HSC: Health & Safety Commission; It merged with the HSE in 2008.

HSE: Health & Safety Executive.

ICO: Information Commissioner's Office.

ILO: International Labour Organisation.

ISA: Independent Safeguarding Authority merged with the Criminal Records Bureau in December 2012 to for the Disclosure and Barring Service.

LCD: Lord Chancellor's Department now MoJ.

MoJ: Ministry of Justice which governs the Tribunals Service.

STUC: Scottish Trades Union Congress.

TUC: Trades Union Congress.

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