Team Meeting

Personal representation

I represent employees and workers at the Employment Tribunal and professionals at other types of regulatory hearings, for example, the NMC and the SSSC.


I cannot attend a workplace to represent as the law only permits representation by a workplace colleague or an accredited trade union representative.


In most cases, there will be fees for representation, although a person's ability to pay is always taken into account because access to justice is more important than profit. 

I share my experiences with the people I represent so that we can work as a team. Doing this helps to improve the prospect of success. An understanding of how the law works often helps people appreciate what's involved in a Tribunal hearing.

I have been very fortunate to have acted for many people, and I consider it a privilege when someone trusts me to act for them. I appreciate that their chances of success will depend very much on the effort I put into their cases and that we cannot keep going back to court to get the judgment we want.