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Knowledge of employment law is of little use without an understanding of how the law works in practice. You need both knowledge and understanding!


Employment law/rights advice

We advise people who need guidance or information about employment law or employment rights at work. Due to COVID-19, most advice is by phone. In some cases, we will follow this up with written information, for example, a basic outline of the advice provided or a factsheet about the specific matter discussed during the call. 

We also provide ongoing guidance if this is required, for example, step-by-step advice about disciplinary or redundancy procedures. In some circumstances, we can arrange a meeting to discuss more complex matters. However, we cannot attend workplace meetings because the law only permits representation by a workplace colleague or an accredited trade union representative.

​Almost all advice is free and there will not be a charge for initial advice. We will also strive to keep any ongoing advice free of charge but this will depend on the complexity of the advice required. 

Employment Tribunal representation

We represent workers and employees in the Employment Tribunal and professionals in other types of hearings, for example, at NMC and SSSC hearings. We have done this since 1994 and have experience with all types of claims and fitness to practice cases.

​There will be a fee for representation, although we will consider a person's ability to pay because access to justice is more important than profit.

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