I am Gavin Booth

I don't have clients; I have people like you. I can provide support and guidance about your rights at work based on my experience as a trade unionist and representative at the Employment Tribunals in Scotland. I have done this since 1994, with Citizens Advice and the Trades Council. I started the Law at Work in 2004 as a social enterprise activity for people in Central Scotland.

I developed an interest in employment rights as a result of being a trade unionist in the print/media industry. I was trained by the TUC as well as several other organisations. By 1994, I was actively advising and representing people at the Employment Tribunal for various organisations, including Citizens Advice, the Trades Council, Unemployed Workers Centres. I was also referred cases by the former Equal Opportunities Commission.

I am Emma Marchbank

​I am a third-year law student with a passion for justice and giving a voice to those who do not have one. I handle multiple tasks regularly and use creative ways to solve problems. I have a particular interest in employment law, and I enjoy helping people with friendly advice and support. I believe taking the time to understand the challenges people face and giving good practical advice are keys to success. 

I have been very fortunate in meeting a lot of people who excelled in employment law and who assisted me in my understanding of how the law works. I learned from them, either directly or indirectly, that knowledge of employment law principles is of little use without an understanding of how those principles work in practice. You need both to succeed!

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We help solve problems

We help by providing free practical advice about employment law to answer any questions you may have. Our primary objective is to help foster good workplace relations and to avoid litigation. However, if matters cannot be resolved and provided there are merits to a potential claim, we can provide representation at the Employment Tribunal and Regulatory hearings.


Perhaps we can help you?

We work on a not-for-profit basis for the community in Central Scotland. Generally, advice is free of charge, but there is a fee for representation. However, your ability to pay will always be considered. In every case, the primary objective is to allow you access to justice.


Now it's your turn!

Every resource on this website was created with you in mind. Every article has been written to help guide you. If you are facing any challenges, then you really can face them with confidence. All it takes is for people like us to guide you.