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Happy Woman


A selection of clients who are happy to share stories about their cases and how the Law at Work helped them along the way.

Marion McAdam


My terms and conditions of employment changed after my employer sold the business. I ended up off work with stress. I asked Gavin from the Law at Work for help because I was worried about my case. Gavin always calmed me if I was anxious. I was so glad I contacted him, he always reassured me, and he took care of everything!

Kathleen White


​I was systematically bullied at work, which led to my constructive dismissal. I took my case to an Employment Tribunal. My union withdrew representation, and I asked the Law at Work to act for me. My case improved immediately. My former employers were held accountable for their actions. I know that this only happened because of my representative's skills, professionalism, expertise and commitment to my case. My family and I would have suffered less stress if I had asked him earlier.

Patricia Blair


I was bullied at my work and victimised to the point where I had to resign and claim constructive dismissal. I was lost and did not know what to do or who to turn to for help. My friend referred me to the Law at Work. My case seemed so complicated with so many different issues, but my representative, Gavin simplified it for me. The dedication Gavin put into my case was excellent. He gave me good advice and support, which helped me to make reasoned and informed decisions about my case. He helped me each step of the way and motivated me not to give up. 

Satinder Kaur


I was intimidated by my former employer and felt alone and isolated. With support from the Law at Work, I was able to make a claim and take it through to the end. I am happy that I contacted the Law at Work because, without their help, I don't think I could have carried on or have been successful with my case. They were there from the start to the end, and I no longer felt alone or isolated. They helped me to resolve all my problems successfully. I would highly recommend my representative Gavin, he is brilliant and there for justice! I can't thank him enough for his help with my case. 

Beth McCafferty


I was sexually harassed in my last job, and I didn't know what to do. Citizens advice told me about Gavin Booth, and I contacted him. He took me through the whole Tribunal process. I was distraught with the way I had been treated and appreciated Gavin's support and advice. I can't thank Gavin enough. I would never have been able to take on my former employer by myself as they were such a large national organisation.

Joanne Robertson


I was made redundant from my job, and I knew the selection process had been unfair so I asked Gavin to represent me. Ultimately, I accepted a settlement offer from my previous employer, which was a result, and I believe this is down to the work that Gavin put into my case. He was always available if I needed help or advice, and was honest about what to expect. Having no knowledge of employment law myself, he was able to explain things in a way that I could understand, making the process less daunting. I can't thank him enough for his help!

David Fox


I was unhappy with the way I was selected for redundancy. My former employer told me my dismissal was fair and offered me a small amount of money to settle my case. I was ready to give up when Gavin showed me how it was unfair! He gave me the confidence to continue with my case, and we settled for very much more than was initially offered!

Richard Pearson


Gavin was always available to personally advise me, even if this was in the evenings or at weekends. His advice was always consistent and spot on! He encouraged me when I felt down about my case or had doubts. At the start of the Tribunal hearing, we were threatened with costs if we lost. Gavin reassured me that things would be okay and they were because we won! Also, I had fun with Gavin during the days I was at the hearing, we both have the same sense of humour, and I enjoyed his company!

Aleta Graham


I am blown away by your accuracy and perception. You have completely hit the nail on the head, and I'm delighted with the result! Thanks so much for all your hard work and for simply listening to me. If only my employer had done the same!

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