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Employment Tribunal Representation

Below is a selection of previous cases held before the Employment Tribunal, SSSC and NMC. The people involved in these cases could very well have been people like you.


Behind each case is a human story of unfairness and injustice. Everyone we have acted for has come to us to seek justice, and that matters because justice is about doing what is right for people.


Justice allows us to present employment claims for unfair dismissal, freedom from discrimination, equal opportunities, and to enforce many other types of employment rights.


We appeal to justice to resolve these matters by asking those who hear such cases to determine what our clients are justly entitled to have. In this way, we act not only in the best interest of our clients but also in the interests of justice. 

A Modern Social Enterprise


We advise, guide and support

We provide free employment law advice and employment rights support and guidance.​


We Represent at Hearings


​We act for employees and workers in the Employment Tribunal and professionals at hearings before regulatory bodies such as the NMC and SSSC.


A modern Social Enterprise.

Not-for-profit >

A modern Social Enterprise.

Not-for-profit >

We are not-for-profit

We are a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, which means our objective is not about making a profit, it's about providing a public service to help people. ​

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The Law at Work

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